Agile Business Expert – Agile Coach

£ 195


The Agile Business Expert – Agile Coach certificate is a recognized certificate for people who work as an Agile Coach in a non-IT context. With this certificate you demonstrate that you know the theory of Agile and associated frameworks and are capable of coaching organizations, teams and individuals to work towards being Agile. By obtaining this certificate you demonstrate your expertise as an Agile Coach in a non-IT context. You know what Agile means, which frameworks can be applied when, how to deal with teams and team dynamics, and how to guide organizations through an Agile transformation. With this certificate you are interesting for employers who want to (further) roll out Agile ways of working in their organization.

Target group

The Agile Business Expert – Agile Coach certificate is intended for professionals who have studied the Agile Coach role in a non-IT environment. A solid theoretical basis is required to achieve this certification. So, make sure you study the course material well. In addition to a solid theoretical basis, practical experience is an advantage in successfully completing this certification.

The certificate offers added value for everyone who:

  • Takes on the role of Agile Coach in a non-IT context
  • Wants teams to perform as good as they possibly can (good results, fast results, happy employees)
  • Wants to guide organizations in their Agile transformation
  • Is a coach and wants to expand / demonstrate knowledge about Agile


Below you will find details about the exam:

  • It is an online exam
  • The exam has a time box (1 hour) in which 30 questions have to be answered
  • 24 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam
  • The exam is in English
  • The course material for the exam can be found here
  • It is an open book exam so you can review the course material during the exam
  • There are no entry requirements for this exam, but the exam will be easier when you first pass the Agile Business Advanced – Facilitating the Process examination


The costs for the certification are £195 per attempt. This price includes VAT. The certificate has no expiration date and is therefore valid forever.


It is not mandatory to attend a training course with one of the official partners of the IIABC. If you know the course material and feel comfortable taking the exam, you can do it directly online.

Questions about this certification? You can reach our office via