Agile Business Foundation



The Agile Business Foundation certificate is a recognized certificate for people who work with Agile and Scrum in a non-IT context. The certificate shows that you know the basis of Scrum. This distinguishes you from people who cannot prove their expertise with a supporting document.

Target group

The Agile Business Foundation certificate is intended for professionals who have recently started working with Agile or Scrum in a non-IT environment. You do not have to have extensive experience in the application of Agile and Scrum but will need a firm theoretical basis. So, make sure you study the course material well.

The certificate offers added value for everyone who:

  • Collaborates in a team and wants to organize this collaboration more intelligently
  • Is a project manager and wants to expand / demonstrate knowledge about project management


Below you can find details about the exam:

  • It is an online exam
  • The exam has a time box (30 minutes) in which 40 questions have to be answered
  • 32 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam
  • The exam is in English
  • The Agile Business Body of Knowledge is the course material for the exam
  • It is an open book exam so you can review the course material during the exam
  • There are no entry requirements for this exam


The costs for the certification are € 60 per attempt. This price includes VAT. The certificate has no expiration date and is therefore valid forever.


It is not mandatory to attend a training course with one of the official partners of the IIABC. If you know the course material and feel comfortable taking the exam, you can do it directly online. However, following a training course increases the chance of success. Agile Scrum Group is our official partner in the Netherlands. If you want to prepare for this assessment through training, you can follow this Agile and Scrum foundation training. After following the training, you can take the exam online.

Questions about this certification? You can reach our office via