The International Institute for Agile Business Certification (IIABC) is an organization that focusses on:

  1. Ensuring the quality of professionals who work with Scrum in a non-IT environment.
  2. Ensuring the quality of partners who train Agile Methods to individuals in a non- IT environment.
  3. Advancing scientific insights regarding Scrum in a non-IT environment. The IIABC does this in collaboration with universities.

With this focus the IIABC is successfully realizing smarter collaboration within companies, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness.

The entire organization becomes Agile

Although Agile and Scrum were originally developed for use within IT teams, the IIABC is noticing successful adaptations that reach far beyond IT. Unfortunately, many business teams struggle with the IT-jargon that comes with traditional assessments.
It is exactly this group (which is applying Agile methods without using IT-jargon) that the IIABC is certifying.
By choosing for a non-IT approach, becoming Agile is within reach for the entire organization.